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Beauty Sleep?
The reality is most of us wake up looking worse off than when we go to bed.

The Idea.01

One third of our lifetime is spent asleep and its one way our bodies recover from damage and protect itself against illness. The ugly part is the average person tosses and turns 37-40 on their pillow, resulting in a not so refreshed look first thing in the morning.

We wanted to change this and create a real connection between sleep and anti-aging. It was out of this simple idea that Restaderm was born. We set out to create a skincare business plan with the thought of a dermatological solution to prevent and fight wrinkles while sleeping.

Restaderm- Niche Skin Labs

Product Concept.02

In deciding on a concept for Restaderm, we decided to think outside the box and come up with something completely unique. Instead of turning to our trusted Lab for a solution, our creative team in collaboration with a product engineer took the lead and created innovative custom patches designed for different parts of the face that could be worn comfortably while sleeping. We like to think of them as an overnight second skin. Our goal was to create an adhesive patch that felt invisible, as if you were wearing nothing.

Case Study: Restaderm skincare package design- Niche Skin Labs

Work in progress. Lauching soon…

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