About Our Founder & Cosmetic Chemist Corey Miles- Niche Skin Labs


As a talented team of skincare professionals, we love our work and our industry.

Each of us brings a unique skill in the product development process to help bring your idea to life. We pride ourselves in staying true to our core values and working with indie beauty brands at every stage of their growth, from concept to launch. As a full turnkey solution, we are eager to break the mould, shake things up, and get you noticed.

Leading Niche Skin Labs is our Founder, Corey Miles. With a decade of product development experience under his belt, Corey understands skincare trends and how to identify opportunities. His vision for Niche was realized after working with several indie beauty brands and noticing the lack of manufacturers offering low production runs and tailored product development services.

Niche had to be different. With a constant need to innovate and create unique products that truly work and look extraordinary – Corey has created the ultimate solution for small skincare brands. From low minimums, to innovative design, and formula development, we’re driven to slowly redefine the standard of beauty, one brand at a time, ultimately making your brand stand apart from the others. We see beauty in an entirely new light; one that we’d love to share with you.