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Bakuchiol 101

Retinol has been cited as a skincare superhero. It brightens! It smooths out fine lines! It increases collagen production! However, retinol is quite the fickle ingredient. Skincare formulators and chemists will likely cite issues with formulation stability and skin sensitivity. 

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What does PAO stand for?

Period after opening (PAO) refers to the length of time a skincare product will remain stable and safe for topical use after the packaging has first been opened.

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What is ISO 16128?

ISO 16128 is a naturality score. It describes methods to evaluate the natural content of ingredients and formulations. The naturality score is NOT a natural cosmetic certification standard (such as Ecocert), it is a guidance for ingredients and products.

What is a preservative challenge test?

In order to determine the robustness of your product, every brand must perform a preservative challenge test. As the name says it literally challenges your preservative system to get a clearer picture of how your product will withstand microbial attack.

The test takes 5-6 weeks to perform. During this time your product is impregnated with different strains of bacteria and the product is evaluated at every stage to determine the safety of your cosmetic product. Every product will be subjected to microbes, which is why preservative challenge testing is viewed as the single most important type of testing a cosmetic maker can do to protect their product.


Antioxidants and the words 'anti-aging' go hand in hand. They play a critical role in helping prevent and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Decades of environmental damage, including pollution and unprotected sun exposure are a big factor on how skin gradually looses its ability to maintain healthy looking skin.

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