Dose Skin Anti Pollution Booster

Born out of the idea of customizable skincare and refillable packaging. Dose is all about amplifying one’s current skincare regimen while helping minimize packaging waste.

The Idea.01

Dose boosters are sold exclusively in beautifully designed package using reusable dispensers with glass refills. Made out of matte white aluminum canisters, they are virtually indestructible and designed to be easy on the eye and super convenient to carry around when travelling.

The exclusive skincare package design uses patented technology to keep your skincare pure and fresh. Delicate active ingredients are protected from air, metal, harmful plastics and other contaminants in airtight glass vials, while opaque aluminum canisters shield from light and oxidation.

With potent actives that promise targeted effects, Dose is powerful enough to be used on its own or blends effortlessly with other products.

Case Study: DOSE SKIN - Niche Skin Labs

Formula Concept.02

Full spectrum skincare backed by science.

Our goal was to include ingredients with a purpose, including antioxidants, adaptogens, extremophiles, and barrier ingredients that are all backed by positive scientific research for skincare use.

We made sure the formulas did no include any irritants and were completely scent free, suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Most importantly we designed the formulas to act as ‘boosters’ and could be blended or layered with other skincare products.

DOSE SKIN Formula Concepts - Niche Skin Labs
DOSE SKIN Formula - Niche Skin Labs
DOSE SKIN Formulation Concept - Niche Skin Labs

Packaging Concept.03

Our vision was to offer customers a perfectly calibrated dose of product, each and every time. We knew the packaging needed to have a pump mechanism for this reason.

In order for the packaging to live up to its name, it needed to be portable, beautiful, and built to last. We sourced innovative long-lasting packaging to minimize the impact on the environment that could be reused.

DOSE SKIN Packaging Design - Niche Skin Labs
DOSE SKIN Packaging Design #2 - Niche Skin Labs

Website Concept.04

A minimal layout with ample breathing space and subtle animation effects. Our goal was to bring the products to life and incorporate a human touch to bring the ritual of using Dose to life.

We went with clean cut images and modern typography to reflect the tone of the brand.

The copy had to be smart, science backed content that was as enjoyable as a cool and refreshing facial mist on a hot summer’s day. Our challenge was merging the science world with the fashion & beauty industry.

Case Study: DOSE SKIN - Niche Skin Labs

Photography Concept.05

To capture the true essence of Dose we needed to explore different styles of photography and combine them. Both product and lifestyle photography were the foundation.

We wanted to create clean crisp images on white and experiment with different angles and lighting. The lifestyle images were meant to evoke a feeling and trigger an emotion by using different backgrounds and props. Lastly, we wanted to show an element of skin to help bring the products to life. We worked with a fashion photographer and model to bring this vision 
to fruition.

DOSE SKIN Final Packaging Design - Niche Skin Labs
DOSE SKIN Photography Concept # 2 - Niche Skin Labs
DOSE SKIN Photography Concept - Niche Skin Labs
Founder’s thoughts

Using our cosmetic lab, our goal was to inspire people through innovative design & packaging and highly customizable skincare formulas and manufacture them. By incorporating “a la carte” benefits (such as pollution protection, hydration, and targeted anti-aging treatments) through mixing and matching different products together we intend to bring awareness and put customers in charge of creating their own unique skincare routine.

Case Study: DOSE SKIN Packaging - Niche Skin Labs
DOSE SKIN final product - Niche Skin Labs