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Brand Identity

In order to shine bright and set yourself apart from your competition, a strong brand identity and logo are crucial. Having a lasting impression is everything. Luckily for you, we make the process as simple as possible. We work with you to uncover your brand’s essence and execute its vision by establishing a brand identity and logo that stick. Here’s our recipe in creating a brand identity that inspires customers.

  1. Let’s Get Personal

    We like to get personal with people and the brands we work with. We ask, we listen, and ultimately help turn your ideas into working concepts. Our philosophy is the better we know the brand and the people behind it, the better we can be off added value. We ultimately want to make sure you’re set up for success by avoiding any hurdles that can get in the way. We like to think of this phase as our approach to traditional ‘Research & Analysis’.

  2. Brand Strategy

    Next, we get down to the nitty gritty of things. We start by getting to know your business model by sending you a brand strategy questionnaire to learn as much as we can about your business, your customer, and competitors on the market. In this phase, we will determine everything from your brand positioning and defining your business goals all the way to performing a SWOT analysis. This will help us understand your business goals and develop features that will distinguish your brand from others by defining a strong brand image and consistent tone of voice.

  3. Concept Selection

    Concepts are ready for your review! And the fun part begins.. Based on the information we collect from phase 2, we present to you three distinct branding concepts that include logo concepts, style directions with moodboards and examples of packaging designs implemented through various media.

  4. Brand Guide

    Once you’ve selected the brand concept out of three directions presented to you, we will create a brand guide that includes visual corporate identity (logo variants, sizes, colors, typography, style guide, additional graphic elements: patterns, iconography; materials: papers, foils, printing techniques; example designs) and brand strategy defined in the previous steps.

Brand Redesign

Is your logo looking tired and needing a bit of TLC? We can do a full logo redesign or simply make subtle tweaks to make sure everything is consistent and on point. Investing in an upgrade can transform your brand and give it a fresh spin. This can make all the difference and leave a lasting impression on your customer.

Promo Materials

Promotional branded materials (for both print and digital media) are a perfect way to introduce your brand to customers and potential retailers. They articulate everything from your vision and point of difference while diving deep into your products and brand story. Examples of promotional materials include the following:

  • Brand Booklet
  • Business Cards
  • Newsletter
  • Leaflet
  • Price Lists
  • Stationery
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Packaging Systems

Packaging is the face of your brand. It’s the first thing people see, which is why it’s the most important. Let us help bring your vision to life. We pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions and design scalable packaging system, which include: boxes, jars, tubes, vials, sample packaging, gift sets, etc. After deciding on the best type of packaging for your product, we create a 3D prototype of the design along with finishing touches, which can range from different papers, foils, and other decorative finishes.

Virtual 3D Packaging

Want to bring your packaging to life without the commitment of spending money on purchasing packaging and manufacturing your product? We have the perfect solution. Our creative team has the capability and expertise to create a product line up before it’s even launched by creating realistic 3D visuals of your product. This is perfect if you’re looking to present your future concept to retailers or investors.


You’ve heard the word ‘unboxing’ before. It’s an experience and one that is often recorded via social media to several thousand (or million) followers. We create captivating unboxing experiences that leave nothing to be desired. We focus on personalizing and adding your brand DNA to your shipping boxes. A note is always appreciated to ensure a positive customer or experience and trigger the right emotions.

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Web Design

Custom is the name of our game. We believe a website should be unique and have its own identity rather than just another template that tens of thousands of other companies use.

  1. Web Design Brief

    We start by sending over a detailed brief, which will act as the cornerstone to creating a beautiful user experience. The design brief will help us understand your vision for the layout and content of the website. We will identity target groups, competition in the marketplace, key website functions, design guidelines of the site, technical specifications along with establishing a sustainable site map. Most importantly we will define the needs of your customers to increase the profitability of your e-commerce website.

  2. Wireframe Layout

    The wireframes are the building blocks to creating a great user experience. Here we shape the customer journey by making sure each page on your web and mobile site are intuitive and thoughtfully designed. We like to think of each section of your website as different eco-systems. In order for them to flourish, they must be cohesive and co-exist as one. This will ensure the user experience is top notch.

  3. Content Design

    Once we have our wireframe layout ready to go, we then create a stylesheet and start building content for each section. We explore typography and iconography options, and decide if we’d like to implement website animations or other types of motion design. Our goal is to deliver high quality retina-ready assets to ensure we’re ready for the last and final step.

  4. Web Development

    Coding, anyone? Yes we know it’s a scary word for most, but don’t be afraid. Our web developers (both back and front-end developers) will take the pain out of it and do all the hard work for you. We will recreate and build the final design of the website to a tee so it’s e-commerce optimized and ready to impress.

    Our developers work with all of the most popular e-commerce platforms, including: Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, Volusion and SquareSpace.

2D/3D Animation + Loops

Animation and loops are the way of the future. They can successfully be incorporated to your website and provide endless possibilities. The sky’s the limit here.